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Offical Partner of the AMR INDYCAR Safety Team

Safety Trucks 1 and 2

These trucks carry an Enforcer 30 CAFS system filled with Firebull A/B Florine Free Foam used in incidents requiring fire suppression. The 30 gallons of foam/water mixture is equivalent to 600 gallons of water. The system is set up with 70 foot half an inch reeled hose line and 50 feet of one-inch lay-flat hose line. Both lines may be operated simultaneously, if necessary

Enforcer Logo Transparent BG

30 Gallon Mixed Solution Vessel

Compressed Air Foam System

70 Foot ½” Reel Hose Line

50’ Lay-Flat 1” Hose Line

4500 psi 45-Minute Air Cylinder

150 psi Continuous at Nozzle

Up to 40 Feet Reach


Water/Foam Solution Remains Mixed

System Pressurized before ON-Track Activities

Ready to Use


Fill Hose Line with Solution 

1 SCBA Cylinder=2 Complete Discharges

Firebull Enforcer ESI RTSS scaled

The Enforcer system and Firebull foam provide quite a punch to suppressing fire. The foam is rated for Class A, B, and D fires and lays a vapor barrier on fuel spills. SAFETY TRUCKS 1 AND 2 

The best quality is the Firebull foam’s ability to remove the thermal property of fire reducing heat immediately. This controls the immediate fire and the ability of heat to reignite fuels and other volatile products.

 All pressurized water extinguishers carried on all three Safety Trucks and in the pits are filled with Firebull foam product providing quicker and more effective fire suppression.   

GreenScreen® Certification In-Progress

ESI RTSS also assists the safety team in training during the
regular season and pre-season sessions.