NASCAR Competition Partner

ESI has been involved in the racing industry for over 30 years, we have always played a back seat role with other top series and racing facilities providing equipment and services for on-track responders.  Training has always been a top priority with ESI, and ESI was instrumental in developing certified SFI training for fire/rescue and jump medic personnel.  ESI RTSS regularly provides this training to tracks and sanctioning bodies.

This SFI training will be made available to all NASCAR facilities as a way to improve safety capabilities across the racing landscape. It is a joint goal of NASCAR and ESI RTSS to get the knowledge and skill training to as many facilities, big or small, as possible.

Having the proper equipment on tracks is also key in preparedness.  ESI RTSS has developed a catalog of essential equipment regarding fire, rescue, EMS, track recovery and clean up, becoming a one-stop shop for equipment, services, training, and consultation.

ESI Racetrack Safety Services’ goal is to ensure that trained track personnel and lifesaving equipment are available during an event.  ESI’s highly skilled technicians provide preventative maintenance procedures and testing prior to many major events.  As part of RTSS, personal protective equipment is available on the website and in a trailer at select tracks. 

Our mission is to supply, support, and educate the emergency response community with innovative equipment and the latest knowledge and information to continue to enhance, simplify, and elevate life-saving efforts.  Started by first responders that understand today’s challenges in Fire, EMS, Rescue, law enforcement, and other entities, both innovation and dedication make ESI Equipment, Inc the ultimate industry resource for specialized first responder products and services. ESI Equipment, Inc. is made up of multiple divisions to serve as a proven and reliable industry resource, as it has for 30+ years.


Race Track Safety Services provides technical support and equipment to several race series, sanctioning bodies, and tracks. During a race season, ESI supports track response training and has a presence at national race events.