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Response Team and Vehicles

The RTSS response staff is a group of hand-picked experienced track responders that have worked or currently are with national series or large track crews. Personnel are trained through their series classes, ESI courses and most carry SFI certifications in Fire/Rescue and/or Jump Medic Response.

The RTSS Response staffing includes up to four track responders per vehicle that includes:

  • Firefighter / Jump Medic
  • Firefighter Driver
  • Crew Chief
  • 2 Fire Rescue

ESI RTSS has two fully equipped vehicles available to support various series and track services during special or national series events. These vehicles are pickup trucks that are equipped for:

  • Fire suppression
  • Extrication
  • Driver extraction
  • Medical intervention
  • Straight line tows
  • Track clean up

Additionally, ESI RTSSS has a Support Trailer that provides:

  • Equipment and supply storage
  • Changing areas for crew members
  • Small galley for food and beverage
  • Space to transport a golf cart and training props

ESI RTSS has a gas-powered Golf Cart for on-track transportation. This cart can be equipped with an Enforcer 10 CAFS fire suppression unit. LED emergency lighting is installed on the upper roof panels.

For more information about our Race Track Safety Services Team please fill out this form.